Regenerative Therapies and PRP Treatments

Regenerative Therapies

Regenerative Therapies supply the finest form of natural healing, as they are drawn directly from the patient’s fat or bone marrow, then injected into the area of the body in need of treatment or repair. These fast-growing cells concentrate quickly on the area of treatment. Because they are taken from the patient’s own blood supply, they are never rejected by the body. With this variety of all-natural treatments, the possibility of complications, scarring, and infection is greatly reduced. The most common technique is bonemarrow aspiration to obtain concentrated cells and growth factors. This procedure is often done in a surgery center with the patient relaxed and under light anesthesia.

Regenerative therapy is employed frequently to treat and help resolve any and all manner of orthopedic conditions.

PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma is a treatment method that involves therapeutic injections to combat the effects of osteoarthritis pain. PRP injections consist of blood-based growth factors taken straight from the patient’s blood plasma and applied to an injured area–causing new tissues to formulate and thus both alleviate inflammation in the tissue and promote the additional formation of tissue. PRP is a simpler process and can be performed in an office setting without anesthesia. The use of ultrasound to assist in targeting the desired tissue or joint.

These and other fresh and innovative all-natural therapies are high-tech, minimally invasive, and highly effective; which is why they now are offered in the repertoire of Dr. Garrett Tallman’s orthopedic treatment services.


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