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I went in for ACL and Meniscus surgery on my knee after blowing it out playing soccer. I had multiple referrals from close friends and my mother who works at Scripps in La Jolla about Dr. Tallman being one of the best and specializing in athletes who have played professional and semi-pro sports. He was very precise and asked a lot of questions about my injury to find the best option for treatment. He gave me two choices, but steered me towards the best option, which was surgery (which made things easy). I just had my 9-month post-op follow up appointment with him and have made it to about 96% recovery and flexibility! I cannot thank him enough for the great job he did on my knee. I highly recommend him!

Mark P

I broke my hip in a freak accident at a Christmas Party Dec 9, 2015. Dr Tallman ended up being my Surgeon. I was terrified and full of pain when I first met him and he very gently and kindly told me at 3am in the emergency room that I broke my hip. My son and I held each other and had a few tears fall from our eyes. We were hoping for something less life changing.

Every time I have seen Dr. Tallman he has been informative, kind, funny, re assuring and everything you would want in a Dr. His receptionist or everything person as I like to call her, is lovely and welcoming always, no matter how much multi tasking she is in the middle of.

The other two professional guys in the office are patient, kind and funny and informative as well. The most I ever waited to be seen was ten minutes. I have never felt rushed or unimportant.

I am recovering pretty rapidly and I am so thankful that I was given this Dr and his office team to fix my body and take such good care of me.

Ashley B.
, Solana Beach, CA

Everyone was friendly and helpful and didn’t keep me waiting too long.
It was also easy to make an appointment using my insurance which I can’t say is true for other physicians I contacted.

S L.
, S L. Las Vegas, NV

His nurse kindly checked my chart. The two other things Dr. Tallman’s helped me with were:

4) I sprained my thumb and heard a crunch while pulling my daughter’s shirt on.

5) I damaged a foot (believe it or not) by putting on my own darn running shoe. The entire top of this foot was swollen and walking painful.

Excellent doctor and a very good man.

Carolyn S.
, Carlsbad, CA

Dr. Tallman was the #1 doctor recommended by local physical therapists to address my son’s badly broken ankle. They see the outcomes from his surgeries and he is highly respected. Over the next three years he saw 2 of my sons for 4 broken arms and 2 broken ankles between them. Over the course of 4 surgeries, Dr. Tallman and the staff were expert, concerned and very skillful. I highly recommend Dr. Tallman.

Therese N.
, Oceanside, CA

I went to Dr. Tallman because of knee pain. He quickly diagnosed the problem and put into place a plan to fix it. Ultimately, he did orthoscopic surgery on my knee. It was a rapid and painless procedure. I was up on my feet and walking on the afternoon of the day of surgery. Two weeks later, I am walking without pain and getting ready to get back into the gym. This outcome is just fantastic. i could not have hoped for anything better.

Stephen F.
, San Diego, CA