Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Medically speaking, carpal tunnel syndrome results from the compression of a sizable median nerve as it passes through a biological tunnel situated at the wrist; the same nerve that supplies feeling in the majority of the hand.

Yet beyond the technical description of carpal tunnel syndrome, sufferers know all too well the symptoms associated with the orthopedic disorder that strikes more than 8 million Americans and accounts for 50 percent of all workplace injuries. Numbness, weakness, and pins and needle sensations are typical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Luckily, carpal tunnel is often a highly treatable condition. Nonsurgical remedies that include wrist splints, modified daily activities and hand therapy have proven highly effective in treating this all too common condition. When nonsurgical treatments fail, a common procedure known as carpal tunnel decompression or release is highly effective and can be performed through minimally invasive surgery.


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