Knee and Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

Knee and Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

The knee and ankle are vital components in one’s overall physical stability and ability to move. When a person finds it challenging to move about freely without pain or instability, then knee and ankle ligament reconstruction surgery may be needed.

Nonsurgical therapeutic treatments for knee and ankle disorders can include PRP and Stem Cell treatment (PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a treatment method that involves therapeutic injections to add relief of tendon injuries and osteoarthritis pain. Bracing and physical therapy are effective alternatives to ligament injury treatments and help facilitate the return to activity and sports.

Surgical Repairs can be needed when joints become unstable due to severe injuries. This can be through direct repairs of ligaments or at times through the addition of a donor allograft tissue to reconstruct torn ligaments such as ACL, PCL, or in chronic injuries.

PRP Treatment

PRP injections consist of blood-based growth factors taken straight from the patient’s blood plasma and applied to an injured area–causing new tissues to formulate and thus both alleviate inflammation in the tissue and promote the additional formation of tissue.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapies are still considered experimental by the FDA, but are being used more frequently to stimulate repair or healing of injured tissue and joints. Dr. Tallman’s stem cells treatment will involve taking a patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells from the hip or pelvic bones, then injecting the stem cells into the area of injury to stimulate or facilitate the healing and body’s own repair.


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