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Dr. Tallman an awesome surgeon he’s workmanship top of the line and great staff.

Carlez Valdos

Dr Tallman, did my husband’s foot sx and all I can say is the staff there are so passionate about their job. Thank you Dr Tallman, Brian, Jeff a.k.a The Cast Master and the sweetest of the sweets Devery for taking good care of my husband.

Charla Lowe-Valdez

Dr. Tallman,Is so knowledgeable and honest. I did my first knee arthroscopy aug.1st of 2017 and my knee has healed beautifully. He made the incisions so small , aesthetically better because at 22 I can be pretty self conscious about scars, etc. I am so grateful and happy with the outcome. He also did an amazing job on my moms broken foot. Thank you so much!!!

Maryam A

My name is Dr. Mike Wasilisin and I highly recommend Dr. Tallman as a physician. I have known Dr. Tallman for 2 years and have shared patients with great results. I also referred a doctor friend of mine to him who needed foot reconstructive surgery and she said his services were beyond excellent. I am confident with Dr. Tallman as a physician.

Mike W.
, Carlsbad, CA